The only trading course that really fits you


I understand where you come from..

You're drowning in that ocean of information we have on the internet, tried so many different styles and strategies that it's almost impossible to count!

You're starting to feel like only a few can make money out of trading, and you're not totally wrong. 

Have you ever felt betrayed by the market?
Do you sometimes wonder if someone somewhere is waiting for you to take a trade in order to make you lose by pushing price to your sl?
Do you sometimes lack confidence so much, that you're willing to quit?

If you can answer yes to at least one of those questions, don't be ashamed, that's part of the process, I have been there and I would never believe a profitable trader if he told me otherwise.
What, still not profitable traders need (no worries it won't last), is a structure and a real plan, for their emotions and their technical, that's what the "Toast and butter" is about!

I have guided a lot of losing traders and every member that did precisely what I taught them, in the course, but also during our live trading sessions, are now profitable and a lot of them passed a prop firm successfully


All The Tools You Need To Reach Your Full Potential

Do you want to be consistent and precise in your trading?
I bet you do! 
We will guide you to become the best trader you can be, no matter your current level




Goated offer

  • Toast and butter strategy
  • A clear system that will lead you to profitability
  • Gift of 15 days with the brunch (Private group where Toast trades live)

You feel ready to work? Option 2 is for you:
Toast and Butter 


The Toast and Butter strategy is the strategy that I use every day of the week for my trades it is very effective and by purchasing this strategy, you will have access to
-What took me litteraly thousands of hours to create 
-Access to our club "The Brunch" full of woke traders that either pass prop firm challenges or trade succesfully their own capital!



20% of every profits are given back to charity

Because our families have been victims multiple times of Mental health problems, it is important for us that we help this cause

Mind Charity