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Tired of Losing Money Trading Forex?

Jan 30, 2022

Do you want to quit trading because it seems impossible to make money consistently?……DON’T!

We understand that developing into a consistently profitable trader is quite challenging. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, countless hours of study, and of course a rock solid trading psychology. Often times, there are 2 main reasons why most forex traders struggle to make consistent profit;

  1. Inadequate understanding of how the market works (from a technical perspective).
  2. A weak trading psychology which precipitates self sabotaging trading errors.

 However, with the right education, mentorship and support, the odds of becoming consistently profitable can greatly increase in your favour!

 As expected, the best traders in the world often adopt a systematic approach to trading.

This involves a step by step approach to gaining trading knowledge, building a personalized rule based strategy and similarly, a rock solid trading psychology!

Here at Toastfx, we aim to take you through a similar journey, by helping you learn strategies to strengthen your trading psychology and technical analysis. All with a unique touch of trading precision, to help you grow into the best trader you can be. 


We provide a Toast and Butter smart money course that teaches you how to trade in line with the institutional order flow.

This gives you the opportunity to identify and take advantage of low risk, high reward trades, while improving your technical analysis and understanding of how the financial market works.

The course provides basic to advanced explanation of smart money concepts such as liquidity, market structure, market maker models and order blocks, just to mention a few. 

These concepts are the building blocks of institutional trading, and most profitable smart money traders have advanced understanding in these areas. This allows them identify high and low probability trades, and predict market direction, knowing the odds are in their favor.

Therefore, whether you are at beginner or advanced level of trading, learning and mastering these concepts provides the edge you need from a technical perspective.

We also provide a Brunch private group. This is a community of traders where the growth of our members can be monitored and catalyzed through the provision of;

  • Live trading sessions: In contrast to other trading communities, our live trading sessions allows you learn how to apply your trading knowledge in real time. This is important for every trader because it creates room for self discovery. By joining live sessions and viewing price action as a developing trader, you learn to adopt your unique model and rule based strategy that all consistently profitable traders have. Advanced traders also benefit by further refining and improving their adopted methodologies.
  • Trade ideas and projections: As a developing trader, trade ideas shouldn’t merely be seen as simply signals to profit from. The essence of trade ideas in Brunch, is to communicate the thought process behind a trade and the style of technical analysis being employed. It is indeed one of the most powerful learning tools in your trading journey, as it helps you gain the experience and data needed to formulate your personalized trading strategy.
  • Discussion groups: For you to develop your trading psychology, it is important to learn the thought processes of profitable traders. That is, how they deal with losses, losing streaks, self doubt, fear, indiscipline, and other psychological barriers to trading success.

Brunch discussion group provides a platform where you get    to interact with other members of the brunch and learn how to overcome these barriers. The discussion group also provides a community of traders with whom you can share trade ideas, self development and personal improvement goals.

  • Question and answer sessions: These sessions help you to advance your understanding of the smart money course, and guides you to create a personalized strategy that works for you.


As a trader, it is common to face daunting and seemingly insurmountable challenges in the early years of your trading journey. To overcome these challenges, you require in depth coaching from a technical and psychological perspective, a supportive community, and a healthy learning environment that caters to their unique needs and catalyzes your growth!

Equipping yourself with the right technical skills to analyse charts is a great step forward to becoming a successful trader. Our Toast and Butter course offers you this opportunity to take your trading to the next level. I wouldn't hesitate if I were you! Click the link below to purchase it.

Toast and Butter Course

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